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Seguin Services has merged with United Cerebral Palsy of Chicago to create a new organization, UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago, to better serve our communities.

For more information on UCP and Seguin Services, visit our main websites:

<UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago

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with disabilities and other special needs.

Seguin Gardens and Gifts


Summer is in full swing in the greenhouse! It's bursting at the seams with plants, especially our SeguinGrown edibles! This year we've grown ALL ORGANIC edibles, using Seeds of Change seeds, organic soil and fertilizer, as well as lady bugs and praying mantids to keep away pests.

Take a look at what we grew this year---

•Arugula•Imperial Star Artichoke•Mung, Gold Rush and Blue Lake Beans•Belstar and Santee Broccoli•Red Acre Cabbage•Slow Bolt Cilantro•Collards•Cucumbers•Black Beauty Eggplant•Red Russian Kale•Korridor and Kolibri Kohlrabi•Fresh Heart, Little Gem Pearl and Mesclun Salad Mix Lettuces•Okra•White Lisbon and Green Scallion Onions•Sugar Pea Pod•Zucchini•

•PEPPERS: Aji Amarillo, California Wonder, Chile Piquin, Ring-of-Fire Cayenne, Ghost, Habanero, Jalapeno, Pimiento, Sweet Golden Creek, Purple Bell Beauty, Thai Hot and Yellow Pear•

•Leonardo Radicchio•Hurakan Squash•Shirofumi Soybeans•Oriole Orange and Rhubarb Swiss Chard•Purple and Verde Tomitillos•

•TOMATOES: Arkansas Traveler, Black Plum, Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Legend, Martian Giant, Marvel Striped, Person Sprayless, Red Calabash, Red Cherry, Red Pear, Roma Paste, Super Sioux, Tigerella and Wisconsin 55•

•HERBS: Genovese and Holy Basil•Borage•Epazote•Guanabana•Lemon Balm•Sweet Marjoram•Paplo•Italian Flat Leaf and Forest Green Parsleys•Sage•English Thyme•Wild Bergamot•

AND Some of the non-edible plants we are growing: Castor Bean•Coleus•Green Lint Cotton•Purple Ballerina Datura•English Ivy•Four O'Clock Plant•Marigolds•Oak Ivy•Passion Flower Vine•Pothos•Zinnia•

All proceeds from Seguin Gardens & Gifts go directly to support UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago and people with disabilities.

Seguin Gardens and Gifts



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